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Bhrigumantra is a premium free online astrology portal based on Bhrigu Jyotish. Our website focuses on moving beyond one’s daily horoscope and making astrology accessible to everyone– from beginners to enthusiastic followers. Our goal is to maintain a site for anyone interested in Astrology, whether that interest is a casual or compelling one. Astrology is a solution of all problems.

We solves all problems by Astrology predictions. There are certain remedies in Astrology for strengthening the weak, benefic planets by the way of Yantra(Kavach), Gems, Color, Mantra etc. These remedies help the people to solve their problem in native and have been benefiting people in the certain ways.

Bhrigumantra provides various services like free daily horoscope consulting and astrology predictions which is helping thousands of visitors across the globe. Bhrigumantra provides various services:

free online astrology -Bhrigumantra

It is an Online web portal in which BhriguMantra predicts your astrology online. It provides online services such as Horoscope, Daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, monthly horoscope, yearly horoscope, Match making, Numerology readings, vastu, Gemstones, Job and Money Prediction, Birth Prediction, Varshpal, Kaal Sarp Dosh etc.