Camphor Lamp

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Importance of Camphor Lamp :-

Fellow energies, we all have heard or seen that most of Reiki masters and healers use Camphor Lamps with them always. In almost all the Spiritual prayers, or holy functions, we see that all the spiritual leaders using Camphor for the prayers or burn camphor to initiate any good thing. Most of the ceremonies are also done after spraying camphor or other holy water. Most of us, who are unable to understand the reason, may find this description useful and helpful for their later life.

Camphor is the only substance in this universe which evaporates to the full and leaves no mark behind. If we burn a piece of camphor, it leaves no residual and just spreads its aroma all over. This special quality of Camphor makes it exclusive to use by Reiki and other spiritual people. The Reiki people burn Camphor or keep Camphor with us, so that it increases the positivity around it, or the person keeping it, so the life becomes positive and it also helps in giving good and positive results in life. Camphor lamp, try to wash out the black spots, created on the lamp, due to candle burning or any other torch fire. This carbon addition may be the negativity of others, which is burnt by Camphor. Therefore, using Camphor lamp in office and residence is also recommended. Once it is placed in any place or a residence of any person with psychic attack or very bad health, one can see a positive change in a few days. A person with low finances, business or else can get improvement in a few days of keeping camphor lamp at his home or office. Some of the people, who are not able to heal for long time, can also use it and can get some good results in a few days. He advantages include removal of the energy equivalents of bacteria, worms, parasites that take away wealth and health energies. It is also suggested to lit camphor in morning and evening. Negative energies gather strength from evening twilight on-wards. Light a mustard oil lamp for a few hours’ morning and evening.

This does a cleanup of the aura of the environment and for people it cleans up the lower chakras of the body which are responsible for discharging negative energies for the individual. These energies include those of envy, anger, hatred, frustration, helplessness and so on.

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