Kuber Yantra

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Lord Kuber is the God of wealth and money, and denotes wealth, money and success in business as well as acquisition and accumulation of wealth.worshiping kuber yantra on a regular basis brings about a distinct change in one,s prosperity and luck though,of course,effort remains paramount. This is an extremely powerful as well as rare yantra.the one who has it will never ever lack of money,material comforts .his family will never fall short of resources..it helps increase the flow of funds and the ability to accumulate wealth

It blesses the owner of this Yantra with wealth & prosperity. It opens up avenues for new sources of income; increases fund flow & encourage accumulation of wealth. This Yantra is recommended for growth in business, career & profession as well as increase in income & wealth. It bestows wealth, prosperity and good fortune on the owner of this Yantra. Worship of Kuber Yantra gives the worshiper all these results.

This Yantra is kept in house temple, Cash box, Almira and in offices where financial transactions are made.Kuber Yantra to bless the worshipper with wealth & prosperity.

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