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Benefits & Effects of Diamond (Heera) in Astrology

Diamond: The Gemstone for Venus in Astrology
Diamond is worn for Venus. Venus is also known as Shukra graha. Diamond is worn for good effect of Shukra graha. This is very beautiful in look. For problems or issues related to Shukra or Venus, diamond can be recommended. If a person is unable to get the auspicious results of Venus, the person should wear diamond to reduce its inauspiciousness. If Venus is influenced by malefic effects in the birth chart or placed in malefic house, it is unable to give auspicious results. Diamond can be supportive in this case to maintain the auspiciousness of the Venus.

It is suitable for the person who is born in Taurus or Libra ascendant and their ascendant lord is Venus. The person of Gemini ascendant and Venus is his fifth or twelfth lord. The person who is born in Capricorn ascendant and Venus is the Yogakarak planet in his birth chart. The signs of the remaining ascendant are not in the auspicious houses, therefore, they should not wear diamond.

Diamond is known as Varjmani or Indramani in Sanskrit. In Hindi and Marathi, it is known as Heera and in Farsi, it is known as Almaas. And, in English, it is known as diamond. The person who is unable to wear diamond can wear its substitute. However, the substitutes of gemstones are less effective. The substitutes of diamond are Simma, Kurangi, Datla, Kansala and Tanku. White sapphire, zircon, white Turmali and white Sfatik of more than 3 Rattis can also be considered as the alternative of diamond.

Benefits of Diamond in Astrology
1. It brings luck and auspicious time for the wearer. This can lead to a life of prosperity, happiness and fullness. It can bring both physical health and mental gain.

2. Marriage related issues or late marriage conditions are eased with wearing of this beautiful stone. It brings attraction power to the wearer leading to marriage and happiness.

3. Diamond is auspicious to wear for happiness, beauty, creativity, jewelry, literature, vehicles and to invest in shares. It is also worn for marriage, music, gambling, cultivation of cotton, love affair, poetry and for the ability to act.

4. The woman who runs a business of cosmetics or beauty products can wear diamond to get good results. It is favorable to wear this gemstone when attraction towards opposite sex increases. If the person is facing problems in marriage, he should wear diamond.

5. Ash of diamond helps increase the intellectual power of the person. This helps increase the patience level of the person. A patient of tuberculosis should use the ash of diamond as a remedy to cure his disease. It is also beneficial for the patient of diabetes.

6. Sexual diseases, problems related to private organs, problems related to eyes, diabetes etc. is eased when diamond is worn. For lethargic feeling or energy less feeling, diamond wearing surely helps.

7. It brings power, energy, sex energy, sexual activeness, energy enhancer.

8. It can be used for Baat, Pitta & Kapha controlling/balancing.

9. Bagandara or premeha diseases are cured. For all such diseases, it is recommended to wear.

Properties of Diamond
There are many qualities and uniqueness in diamond. It is one of the solid gemstones. There are three main qualities of diamond; beauty, strength and coolness. Due to these qualities, diamond is known as the queen of all the gemstones.

Diamonds are mined in South Africa, India, Tanzania, USA, Canada and Russia. High quality Diamonds are rare and only gems that are not synthetic or man-made should be worn for astrological purposes .Opal gemstone is a very potent substitute for diamond and may be worn for astrological purposes. High quality, certified, natural and authentic Opal Gemstones are most auspicious.

Diamond is an allotrope of Carbon and has hardness of 10 on the Mohr’s Scale. It has a Specific Gravity of 3.52 and is colorless.
Diamond is known as Vajra or the one that is indestructible in Sanskrit, Heera in Hindi and Diamond in English.

Diamond is essentially an allotrope of Carbon (C) with traces of other minerals which impart it the colors other than white.
Diamonds that are in color belong to the Varna’s. Diamond are available in different shades from white to yellow, blue, pink, green, black and brown. Each of these colors has different applications as per Vedic recommendation of gemstones.

Diamond (Heera) flaws
It is believed that the person who wears this gem does not have fear of supernatural powers. The person is able to defeat his enemies and dominate his competitors. Due to these reasons, the person who wears diamond is blessed with wealth and prosperity. This gemstone also helps maintain physical and mental strength.

It can be worn based on the astrological analysis of birth chart of the karaka. If venus if found to be auspicious planet, as per birth chart, then only it is recommended to wear/use.
Diamond gemstone should be free from blemishes such as dark spots, webs, sandy appearance, and lack of luster and must not have extremities of color. Such gems fail to effectively transmit the cosmic radiation of Venus and bring about undesirable results.

Diamonds should be free from any defects and must have uniform color, good luster and acceptable transparency and must be appealing to the eye.
A minimum of 0.25 carat is enough to be worn as per astrological reasons and the gemstone must be set preferably in silver.

A gemstone of 0.25-0.50 carats is good and a Diamond of 1-1.50 carats is most advisable and sought after. Since Diamond is a cold gemstone and governs the kapha or water element in the body, silver is the best metal to effectively transmit the energy of the gemstone.