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vastu_bigAs the property rates increasing day by day it is very difficult to make a home as. It becomes very sad when we find some problems in our dream home. Money, business, health, education are the few things which make us worried more than other things. We can compare these problems to the negative energy of the house. By applying Vastu techniques, we can remove this negative energy from our home and can positive energy comes in our life. This situation occurs when the wrong positions of stars and nakshatra occurs. We have to suffer a lot of problems during the dasha and mahadasha period of planets and due to our negligence towards the cause of these problems.

Vastu shastra is an early Hindu practice to build home with natural forces for happiness and comfort of people. It is the dwelling place of humans and Gods exist in different directions are share to different Gods and Keepers. Vastu shastra is a result-oriented approach and gives positive and instant results if applied properly. Vastu shastra deals in building elongation, slopes, kitchen, bedrooms, stairs, entrances, doors, windows, walls etc.


1. BEDROOM – The position of the bedroom should be in Southwest direction.
2. SLEEPING POSITION – When slepping your legs should be in west and head should be in east direction only.
3. KIDS ROOM – The kids room should be towards the northwest only.
4. STUDY ROOM – While studying for excellent more children should face the North or the East.
5. Kitchen – Kitchen should be located at the southeast corner.
6. DINING ROOM – The dining room should be positioned in the East or the West or the North.
7. BATHROOMS – Bathroom should be in the North, or the East of a bedroom.
8. STORE ROOM – Storeroom should be placed in the Northwest direction.
9. Drawing room should be placed in the Northeast or the North or the East.

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