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Leo Horoscope 2019

Leo Horoscope 2019According to Bhrigu Mantra the Leo horoscope 2019, Moon will be in the 3rd house; Saturn will be in your 5th house, Rahu will be in the 12t house, and Ketu will be in 6th house. Jupiter, it will be in your 4th house during the first half of the year. Enjoy the achievement of desired goals and success in your endeavors with the possibility of some recognition from others. This period will also bring good fortune on the monetary front. A major turning point in a relationship is also possible, but it looks to be more about a commitment than a break. Your smile will be the best antidote for your beloved’s unhappiness. You should take care of your health and ride the vehicle carefully as you may come across an accident. The year 2019 seems to be a fortunate year for you. Unexpected expenditure might haunt you and also expect some troubles from a foreign land. Do not foray in taking advance payments or loans for the period. Problems will lurk around the financial sector for you. This year you would be able to tell the world that you can achieve more than they have thought. You would be adding value to your ideals and ideas this season too. Finances would require proper vigilance during this particular period. Most of you are likely to face some steep decline in your investments if not handled carefully. You’re reinventing yourself in a significant way, and the universe will entirely push you out of your comfort zone during this process. You would feel generally happy with whatever comes to you or whatever you do. A feeling of satisfaction would rule your mind. Avoid arguments with your employer or senior staff at your workplace.

This mostly denotes physical danger to you. This period demands a strict watchfulness on any of the developments related to your life, health, and physique. Stay clear from diseases and all kind of addictions to maintain sound health. Some of you are likely to develop blood-related disorders like anemia, deficiency diseases, etc. This year 2019 also needs you to stay away from weapons and disguised foe. However, avoid going for any loan and try to keep yourself debt free. The year begins with January offering ample scope for adventure and pleasurable trips. The end of the month promises some romance and love which ignites the passionate fire in you. At work, you may have to put in extra effort to see success in your endeavors. Keep up your hope and work on. Hold on to your position and honor at work, as this low phase shall also pass. Some co-workers would not like your way of handling specific vital issues- but might not tell you. If you feel results are not as good as you had expected- it will be wise to review and alter the plans at your end. Most of you are also likely to go on foreign trips and may even have to stay away from your family for a considerable time. Avoid undertaking any task that might prove to be life risking for you.

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