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Virgo Horoscope 2019

Virgo horoscope 2019According to Bhrigu Mantra the Virgo horoscope 2019, Moon will be in the 2nd house; Saturn will be in your 4th house, Rahu will be in the 11th house, and Ketu will be in 6th house. Talking about Jupiter, it will be in your 3rd house. Mars 7th house and Venus will be in the 2nd house. Sun and Mercury will be in also your 4th house. Be careful with finances, as there a tendency to loss of wealth in this year 2019. Keep an eye on your expenditures as you may get tempted to spend unnecessarily. Be extra careful while dealing with people during this year. The end of the month promises some romance and love which ignites the sensuous fire in you. Avoid extravaganza in personal and professional life throughout the year. Some of your long term goals materialize through the period July -September. This year probably to bring about some changes in the career field that has been long overdue.

The career life of Virgo people wouldn’t be balanced this year 2019. Money is on your mind, and there will be lots of it. Try to control your speech as your hard words can mar the peace and perturb the smooth pace of the ties with your partner. This is an excellent time to double down on your savings account, consider making a financial investment, or purchase goods that will appreciate over time. Virgos in the job is likely to get transferred to a place of their choice. You might visit some vital place of pilgrimage this year too.

This year, you would be renewing your objectives in life. You would be re-shaping your agendas and ideals for more accurate and achievable results throughout the year 2019. Luckily, Virgo understands the current system and well enough to outsmart it when necessary. If your luck holds, the boss or client won’t pick this moment to drop in and see how you are doing. At this point, what they don’t know can’t hurt them. Make sure it stays that way. This would be a good time to review your financials and plan for future. The middle of the year presents some wonderful opportunities to invest in long-term components. As the year moves on your financial inflow would be gradually increasing. Saturn in your 4th house (home) for most of the year likely to affect you throughout the year. Unforeseen events might block your financial journey. Love and romance are also likely to be affected. A sense of negativity would surround you. Don’t take on too much with (or for) that child in your life as you will be over-committing yourself to plans which will be hard to get out of. This applies to youth projects or roles.

Do not be tempted by false promises, hopes, and sentiments throughout the year 2019. Work toward growth in your love life. A sense of progress can be expected in the love side as the year unwinds. At times you need to rest and relax, else there might be much built-up stress. Avoid any disagreements with them. You are also susceptible to make new enemies during this phase. Do not get rapt in unnecessary conflicts with anybody particularly at this year 2019. Health would require your attention too. Be gentle with your joints as well. Avoid working too hard, which could cause a buildup of physical and mental fatigue. Physically you may feel down, and your eyes can suffer. Mentally also you may feel less content than usual. Moreover, this time may see you not enjoying your food as much as you used to. Take care of your health as you are susceptible to develop problems in the digestive as well as the respiratory system.

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